Auto elettrica: l’Europa ci crede

17 Ott

Con il programma CARS2020 l’Europa si è prefissata di raggiungere, appunto per il 2020, importanti traguardi per quanto riguarda quella che nei documenti ufficiali dell’Unione Europea viene definita “decarbonizzazione dei trasporti”.

Il sito (EV-Radar) del JRC – Institute for Energy and Transport riunisce alcune decine di progetti di ricerca finanziati dall’Unione Europea con milioni di euro per i prossimi anni.

Questo l’elenco completo dei progetti tratto dal sito:





Coinvolgimento Italia

AKUZIL Batterie allo zinco Development of zinc electrodes with defined structures based on various process and formulation strategies


Batterie metallo-zolfo New material concepts for alkali metal-sulfur Batteries or Akalimetallsulfid silicon batteries
AMELIE € 5.2 Mln Batterie alta capacità AMELIE’s objectives are to develop a Higher Specific Energy 10 Ah cell prototype, for EV and PHEV application, combining a high voltage chemistry with a more stable electrolyte, separators and binder system.and following as well an eco-design methodology and integrating a chemical way of recycling materials beyond the active materials. SolveyItalia, Università di Bologna
APPLES € 4.7 Mln Batterie al litio This project aims to the development at an initial industrial level of an advanced, lithium ion battery for efficient application in the sustainable vehicle market. Consorzio Sapienza Innovazione, Hydro-Eco, Sapienza Università di Roma, SAES Getters
AUTOSUPERCAP € 5.6 Mln Supercondensatori The project aims at developing supercapacitors of both high power and high energy density at affordable levels by the automotive industry, and of higher sustainability than many current electrochemical storage devices. Centro Ricerche FIAT, IMCB-Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche, Oerlikon Graziano
BASTA € 1.6 Mln Supercondensatori al litio Development of electrochemic li-ion energy storage system
DE-LION-1 € 2.9 Mln Batterie al litio Development of materials for electrodes and separators in lithium-ion batteries for mobile and stationary applications
DryLIZ Batterie al litio This work focuses on the aqueous and dry processing of anodes and cathodes for lithium ion cells and their further processing by cutting and joining.
E3CAR € 44.1 Mln Elettronica Development of nanoelectronics technologies, devices, circuits architectures and modules for electrical and hybrid vehicles and demonstration of these modules in final systems. CRF – Centro Ricerche Fiat, STMicroelectronics, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
EASYBAT € 3.6 Mln Batterie removibili Project will develop modular integration models and mechanisms, as well as define generic interfaces between the vehicle, the battery and the battery switch station for easy and fast integration and removal.
ELECTROGRAPH € 4.9 Mln Supercondensatori al grafene Project follows an integrated, technology driven approach in development of novel materials and components for realization of optimized supercapacitors.In project the progress beyond state of the art will be achieved by development and use of graphene and graphene-based material as electrode components and use of room temperature ionic liquids
ELIBAMA € 15.4 Mln Industrializzazione delle batterie The global objective of the ELIBAMA project is to enhance and accelerate the creation of a strong European automotive battery industry structured around industrial companies already committed to mass production of Li-ion cells and batteries for EVs
Energy storage/process technology € 5.1 Mln Batterie Development of process and production technologies for energy storage systems
eProduction € 16.3 Mln Batterie ad alta tensione Production of high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles
ESTO Batterie al litio Focus on Li-batteries for passenger cars and buses – component level research project
ESTRELIA € 6.2 Mln Elettronica The project will develop battery management system BMS ICs for an integrated flexible BMS to enable simultaneous cell measurement and active cell balancing for ultra capacitors and Li-Ion battery cells. Active Technologies
EUROLIION € 5.5 Mln Batteria al silicio The outcome will be a newly developed cell, manufactured and tested by end-users. The new cell consists of i) a newly formulated Si-negative electrode, ii) newly designed low cost salts, and iii) modified positive electrodes. To achieve these goals, the consortium includes renowned universities and knowledge institutes; a SME battery producer and the car industry as end-users.
EV TechLab € 2.51 Mln Batterie in genere Development of energy storage applications for EVs
GLANZ € 2.7 Mln Batterie litio-aria Rechargeable lithium-air cells for future use in electric vehicles with significantly extended range
GREENLION € 8.6 Mln Batterie ecologiche Development of new active and inactive battery materials viable for water processing (green chemistry); Innovative processes leading to reduced electrode production cost and avoid environmental pollution; Development of new assembly procedures to reduce the time and the cost of cell fabrication Kemet Electronics Italia, Politecnico di Milano, ENEA
HELIOS € 4.2 Mln Batterie The project Helios will evaluate both electrical performances and their evolution in time – life, and their behaviour under abuse test conditions – safety. CRF – Centro Ricerche Fiat, ENEA
High Power LFP Cathodes for Large-Format Lithium-ion Batteries Batterie litio alta potenza The target of the project is to improve the power density of lithium-iron phosphate large format cell by improving the LFP-based cathode characteristics. The cathode-anode system has direct effect to the cell performance.
ID4CAR-ICARES € 1.8 Mln Batterie Improvement of the negative electrode of the battery through a better understanding of reactions at the interface between the electrode and electrolyte.
ID4CAR-SLIM € 1.7 Mln Batterie Facing the development of electric vehicles, the SLIM project meets the system requirements of energy storage safer by developing new technology for all-solid lithium battery with high security, used industrially on batteries currently produced.
LABOHR € 4.4 Mln Batterie a ossigeno liquido LABOHR aims to develop Ultra High-Energy battery systems for automotive applications making use of lithium or novel alloy anodes, innovative O2 cathode operating in the liquid phase and a novel system for harvesting O2 from air. SAES, University of Bologna
Lessy € 1.0 Mln Batterie litio-ceramica LESSY stands for lithium electricity storage system—is testing the first large-scale lithium ceramic storage device. This is the technology that will help power fully electric vehicles in the future
LIB2015 – LiVe € 2.4 Mln Batterie al litio Nanostructuring of electrode structures for lithium batteries with high performance base materials currently available and the technical mastery of the process-integrated manufacturing precision electrode / electrolyte structures.
LiB2015 -Li-Five € 2.4 Mln Batterie al litio da 5 Volt Five-volt lithium-ion cells with long life at high depth of discharge for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles
Lib2015-BatMan € 1.4 Mln Gestione batterie al litio Battery management for mobile lithium-ion energy storage
LiB2015-Helion € 10.4 Mln Batterie al litio Advanced Li-batteries with high energy density (> 300 Wh / kg) to develop, which are characterized also by high reliability, long life and good environmental performance.
LI-Mobility € 1.1 Mln Gestione batterie al litio Exploration of the foundations for battery management algorithms for LiFePO4 batteries in electric vehicles, taking into account the aging
LiSSi € 1.4 Mln Batterie litio-zolfo Development of a lithium-sulfur battery consisting of a nanostructured Silicon anode, novel silicon-based electrolyte, a lithium ion-conductive solid electrolyte diffusion barrier layer and sulfur cathode
LithoRec/LithoRecII € 18.0 Mln Riciclaggio batterie al litio The twelve NFF members aim at developing and testing efficient processes and concepts covering several phases of the life cycle for recycling lithium-ion batteries in Germany. The project comprises two approaches: one relating to only one phase of the life cycle, the other relating to several phases. The results are used to develop and design a pilot facility for efficient large-scale recycling
MOV € 1.0 Mln Supercondensatori The aim of the SUPERCAL project is to develop the electrical energy storage industry, and particularly to help create a French sector capable of mass-producing supercapacitors for soft hybridization systems and electric vehicles.
MOVEO CINELI € 3.2 Mln Ricarica induttiva The CINELI project aims at developing knowledge and methods to make it possible for  carmakers to control:
The magnetic radiation generated by the transfer of electrical power through induction, by addressing the problem in a scientific and practical way in relation to positional tolerance and emitter and receiver system interoperability.
The performance of the system in mass-produced vehicles, in terms of energy efficiency and positional tolerance (efficient coupling with variable impedance).
On-Board Powerplant Motori The engine process will be described based on thermodynamic and fluid dynamic principles. It will be analyzed together with the electric powertrain and the operation strategy in a single simulation environment.
OPERA4FEV € 7.0 Mln Supporto per batterie The project aims to develop thermoplastic battery racks on two functional demonstrators: one for a large scale vehicle from FIAT and one for a “niche” car, the F-City from FAM .To improve deployment of electrical vehicles in Europe, large scale production processes for Rack and electrical components need to be developed.  CRF – Centro Ricerche Fiat
OSTLER € 4.5 Mln Batterie removibili Novel concepts for the way in which EV battery storage is integrated into the vehicle; in particular a novel modular concept that permits a storage-centric design approach. It will also investigate the feasibility of removable storage elements. CRF – Centro Ricerche Fiat,  Magneti Marelli
PRIMO2 € 5.2 Mln Batterie per trasporto pubblico Development of modular, distributed energy storage systems and cost-effective manufacturing processes for use in public transport
ProLIZ Batterie Development and implementation of economic, industry-related production technology for high energy storage cells with the goal of a viable cell at the end of the process chain.
ProSysEasy € 1.3 Mln Batterie al litio Innovative materials for process and system simplification of the Li-ion battery
ReLiOn € 1.2 Mln Batterie For selected cells, a general understanding of the interrelationships of cell materials / design and stress profile with measurable performance of waste and material changes will be developed on a microscopic level.
SIMCAL € 3.6 Mln Invecchiamento batterie NiMH/Li-ion Principal objective aims: To study the calendar ageing mechanisms of different new battery technologies for which these mechanisms still unclear (especially for new generation of Li-ion batteries); To model the calendar aging of batteries.
SIMSTOCK € 4.2 Mln Supercondensatori Model supercapacitors and batteries behaviour taking into account ageing deduced from accelerated power cycling tests
SMARTBATT € 3.2 Mln Batterie Development and proof of the innovative, multifunctional, light and safe concept of an energy storage system which is integrated in the pure electric car’s structure
SOMABAT € 5.0 Mln Batterie Litio-Polimeri Project aims to develop high power Li polymer battery by the development of novel breakthrough solid recyclable materials to be used as anode, cathode and solid polymer electrolyte new alternatives to recycle the different components of the battery and life cycle analysis
State of function for Energy storage for electric vehicles Batterie
STROM ReLion € 1.2 Mln Batterie al litio Life and reliability of Li-ion accumulators – degradation mechanisms, accelerated testing, accurate life predictions
STROM-LULI € 1.5 Mln Batterie litio-aria Flow of air and Li – Efficient bi-functional Oxygen electrodes in the non-aqueous electrolytes
STROM-STELLA € 1.1 Mln Batterie metallo-aria Structured electrodes for metal-air batteries


Si tratta di ben 51 progetti, eppure non sono ancora tutti: esiste anche la European Green Cars Initiative ( ), che ne raggruppa addirittura altri 102, per un totale di ben 153:


N. Acronimo Descrizione Ambito


ALIVE Advanced High Volume Affordable Lightweighting for Future Electric Vehicles Auto leggere


AMBER ULV Automotive Mechatronic Baseline for Electric Resilient Ultra Light Vehicle Auto leggere


ARMEVA Advanced Reluctance Motors for Electric Vehicle Applications Motori


ASTERICS Ageing and efficiency Simulation & TEsting under Real world conditions for Innovative electric vehicle Components and Systems Elettronica


AUTOMICS Pragmatic solution for parasitic-immune design of electronics ICs for automotive Elettronica


AVTR Optimal Electrical Powertrain via Adaptable Voltage and Transmission Ratio Motori


BATTERIES2020 Towards Realistic European Competitive Automotive Batteries Batterie


BEHICLE BEst in class HIriko vehiCLE: Safe urban mobility in a sustainable transport value-chain Mobilità urbana


CAPIRE Coordination Action on PPP Implementation for Road-Transport Electrification Mezzi elettrici in generale


CASTOR Car Multi-Propulsion Integrated Power Train Motori


CO3 Collaborative Concepts for Comodality


COMCIS Collaborative Information Services for Container Management


CORE CO2 REduction for Long Distance Transport Riduzione CO2


COSIVU Compact, Smart and Reliable Drive Unit for Fully Electric Vehicles Motori


Deliver Design of Electric Light Vans for Environment-Impact Reduction Trasporto merci


eCo-FEV efficient Cooperative infrastructure for Fully Electric Vehicles Mezzi elettrici in generale


ECOGEM Cooperative Advanced Driver Assisted System for Green Cars Elettronica


e-gomotion Raising Awareness of Job Opportunities in Vehicle Electrification Posti di lavoro


ECOSHELL Development of New Light High-Performance Environmentally Benign Composites Made of Bio-Materials and Bio-Resins for Electric Car Application Materiali


eDas Holistic Energy Management for 3rd and 4th Generation of Electric Vehicles Energia


e-Dash Electricity Demand and Supply Harmonization for EVs Fornitura elettrica


EFUTURE Safe and Efficient Electrical Vehicle Sicurezza elettrica


eLCAr E-Mobility Life Cycle Assessment Recomendations Ciclo di vita


E-Light Advanced Structural Light-Weight Architectures for Electric Vehicles Veicoli leggeri


ELVA Advanced Electric Vehicle Architectures


ELVIRE Electric Vehicle Communication to Infrastructure, Road Service and Electricity Supply Fornitura elettrica


EMERALD Energy ManagEment and RechArging for efficient eLectric car Driving Energia


EM-Safety EM Safety and Hazards Mitigation by Proper EV Design Elettronica


Enhanced WISETRIP Enhancing Intermodality of Content, Personalised Information and Functionality of WISETRIP Network of Journey Planning Engines


ENLIGHT Enhanced Lightweight Design Veicoli leggeri


EPSILON Coordination Action on PPP Implementation for Road-transport Electrification Mezzi elettrici in generale


EUNICE Eco-design and Validation of In-Wheel Concept for Electric Vehicles Motori


EUROLIS Advanced European lithium sulphur cells for automotive applications Batterie


eVADER Electric Vehicle Alert for Detection and Emergency Response Emergenze


E-VECTOORC Electric Vehicle Control of Individual Wheel Torque for On- and Off-Road Conditions Motori


Evolution The Electric vehicle rEvolution Mezzi elettrici in generale


FABRIC FeAsiBility analysis and development of on-Road chargIng solutions for future electric vehiCles Infrastrutture di ricarica


FastInCharge Innovative fast inductive charging solution for electric vehicles Ricarica induttuva


FREE-MOBY People Centric easy to implement e-mobility


FREVUE Frevuevalidating Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe


FUEREX Multifuel Range Extender With High Efficiency and Ultra Low Emissions Autonomia elettrica estesa


FURBOT Freight Urban RoBOTic Vehicle Auto automatiche


G4V Grid for Vehicles – Analysis of the impact and possibilities of a mass introduction of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the electricity networks in Europe Fornitura elettrica


GASTONE New powertrain concept based on the integration of energy recovery, storage and re-use system with engine system and control strategies Motori


GO4SEM Global Opportunies for SEMs in Electromobility


Green eMotion Green eMotion


HEMIS Electrical powertrain HEalth Monitoring for Increased Safety of FEVs Motori


Hi-Wi Materials and Drives for High & Wide Efficiency Electric Powertrains Motori


HUBWAYS coHerent measures and environmental interventions to debottleneck hUBs of the multimodal netWork fAvoured bY Seamless flow of goods


ICE Magneto-Caloric Refrigeration for Efficient Electric Air Conditionning Climatizzazione


iCOMPOSE Integrated Control of Multiple-Motor and Multiple-Storage Full Electric Vehicles Motori


ICT4EVEU ICT Services for Electric Vehicle Enchancing the User Experiance Informatica


ICT4FEV Information and Communication Technologies for the Full Electric Vehicle Informatica


ID4EV Intelligent Dynamics for Fully Electric Vehicles Informatica


IMPROVE Integration and Management of Performance and Road Efficiency of Electric Vehicles Electronics


INCOBAT Innovative Cost Efficient Management System for Next Generation High Voltage Batteries


IoE Internet of Energy for Electric Mobility Informatica


LIBRALATO Libralato Engine Prototype Motori


LISSEN Lithium Sulfur Superbattery Exploitating Nanotechnology Batterie


LNG Blue Corridors Liquefied Natural Gas Blue Corridors


MAENAD Model-based Analysis & Engineering of Novel Architectures for Dependable Electric Vehicles


MAG-DRIVE New Permanent Magnets for Electric-Vehicle Drive Application Motori


MARS-EV Materials for Ageing Resistant Li-ion High Energy Storage for the Electrix Vehicle Batterie


MAT4BAT Advanced Materials for Batteries Batterie


MERGE Mobile Energy Resources in Grids of Electricity Batterie


MobiEurope Integrated and Interoperable ICT Applications for Electro-Mobility in Europe Informatica


Mobility2.0 Co-operative ITS Systems for Enhanced Electric Vehicle Mobility Informatica


MOBINCITY Smart Mobility in Smart City


MODULUSHCA Modular Logistics Units in Shared Co-modal Networks


MOLECULES Mobility based on eLectric Connected vehicles in Urban and interurban, smart, cLean, EnvironmentS Informatica


MOTORBRAIN Nanoelectronics for Electric Vehicle Intelligent Failsafe Powertrain Elettronica


NECOBAUT New Concept of Metal-Air Battery for Automotive Application based on Advanced Nanomaterials Batterie


NoWaste Engine Waste Heat Recovery and Re-Use Recupero energia


ODIN Optimized electric Drivetrain by INtegration Motori


OpEneR Optimal Energy Consumption and Recovery Based on System Network Recupero energia


OPTIBODY Optimized Structural components and add-ons to improve passive safety in new Electric Light Trucks and Vans (ELTVs) Sicurezza elettrica


OPTIMORE Optimised Modular Range Extender for every day customer usage Autonomia elettrica estesa


PICAV Personal Intelligent City Accessible Vehicle System


PLUS-MOBY Premium Low weight Urban Sustainable e-MOBilitY Mezzi elettrici in generale


P-MOB Integrated Enabling Technologies for Efficient Electrical Personal Mobility Mezzi elettrici in generale


POLLUX Process Oriented Electronic Control Unit for Electric Vehicles Developed on a multi-system real-time embedded platform Elettronica


POWERFUL POWERtrain for Future Light-Duty Vehicles Motori


PowerUp Specification, Implementation, Field Trial and Standardisation of the Vehicle-2-Grid Interface Fornitura elettrica


SafeAdapt Safe Adaptive Software for Fully Electric Vehicles Informatica


SafeEV Safe Small Electric Vehicles through Advanced Simulation Methodologies Sicurezza elettrica


SmartCEM Smart Connected Electro Mobility Fornitura elettrica


Smart EV-VC Smart Electric Vehicle Value Chains


SMART-LIC Smart and Compact Battery Management System Module for Integration into Lithium-Ion Cell Electric Vehicles Elettronica


SMARTOP Self Powered Vehicle Roof for On-Board Comfort and Energy Saving Solare


SMARTV2G Smart Vehicle to Grid Interface Fornitura elettrica


STABLE STable high-capacity lithium-Air Batteries with Long cycle life for Electric cars Batterie


STRAIGHTSOL Strategies and Measures for Smarter Urban Freight Solutions


SuperLIB Smart Battery Control System Based on a Charge-Equalization Circuit for an Advanced Dual-Cell Battery for Electric Vehicles Elettronica


SYRNEMO Synchronous Reluctance Next Generation Efficient Motors for Electric Vehicles Motori


TelliSys Intelligent Transport System for Innovative Intermodal Freight Transport


TRANSFORMERS Configurable and Adaptable Trucks and Trailers for Optimal Transport Efficiency


UNPLUGGED Wireless charging for Electric Vehicles Ricarica induttuva


URBANEV Super Light Architectures for Safe and Affordable Urban Electric Vehicles


V-FEATHER InnoVative Flexible Electric Transport Mezzi elettrici in generale


WIDE-MOB Building Blocks Concepts for Efficient and Safe Multiuse Urban Electrical Vehicles


WINN European Platform Driving KnoWledge to INNovations in Freight Logistics


ZEUSS Zero Emission Urban Bus Systems Trasporti pubblici


E’ importante precisare che, trattandosi di ricerca, non è detto che tutti i progetti portino ai risultati sperati; ma un attacco in massa di queste proporzioni permetterà ai ricercatori, nei prossimi anni, di esaminare e sperimentare tali e tante possibilità alternative che le probabilità di riuscita, a livello globale, possono considerarsi notevoli.

Come disse Edison, inventore della prima lampadina della storia, quando finalmente riuscì a fabbricarne una funzionante dopo migliaia di tentativi falliti: non aveva fallito migliaia di volte, ma scoperto migliaia di modi per non fabbricare una lampadina funzionante.

Ma alla fine trovo il modo giusto.


Osservazione: ma la FIAT c’è o ci fa?? Marchionne dice che le auto elettriche non saranno mai buone  a niente… e poi il Centro Ricerche FIat è coinvolto in 30 progetti di ricerca sull’argomento???


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